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Paulo Eduardo Rios is an advertising copywriter with over 15 years of experience in just about every product category. Graduated from UFES with a BA in communications (emphasis on advertising), and a post-graduation degree in Fashion and Communication from UVV, started his career in Vitória, where worked with Rede Gazeta (Globo), Eldorado and Danza creative teams. Also experienced Creative Director position at Criativa, Multi and Rede Tribuna (SBT). Along his professional experience, enlists broadcasting (radio) and teaching, as university professor (creativity and copywriting). In São Paulo, was a copywriter at Ogilvy and Pepper. Now is writing at Confraria Visuale, doing jobs for real state market, retail and cosmetics. As recognition, won regional and national awards, being the last ones to the Feira do Verde campaign - Silver/Colunistas Centro-Leste 2006; Gold/Prêmio Tribuna de Criatividade 2006 and Gold/Prêmio Colibri de Ouro 2007 (People's Choice).

Experience by brands:


Aracruz Celulose • Reebok • Hipermercados Extra • Villares Metals • Ecoesfera • CST Arcelor Mittal • Unimed • Shopping Vitória • Lojas Dadalto • Itapuã Calçados • Rede Gazeta • Rede Tribuna • Governo do Espírito Santo • Prefeitura de Vitória • Banestes • Havanna • Sabó • NET